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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Do not enter a country where the devotees of black-magic
abound, the water u poisonous, epidemics prevail, the hills and
jungles are impassable, and the savages dwell, although you
may obtain gold as large as the lleru; despatch only your
troops to sabjngate it.                                                         (65)
A false servant, speaking sweetly, cleverly secures his
object; he serves you while (you are) prosperous, but deserts
you when your fortune is low. (Therefore) the king should
learn to discriminate between (the true and the false) like
the money-changer who detects the good and the bad
coins.                                                                                (66)
A king who desires to rule long should gather around him
expert mineralogists, and discovering (by their assistance)
places where gold and other metals are found, acquire them;
he should take only a small portion of the income of his
subjects as tax, and suppress, by inflicting punishment, the
violence of the mighty; he should with kindness protect all
(people) and (maintain) the order of the castes putting an end
to irregular practices; he should always show respect to Brah-
xnans, and increase or decrease the population of the different
districts of his kingdom, according to their conditions: arid,
without forgetting to destroy his petty enemies, he should
nourish the (seven) members of his sovereignty, even as he
would the limbs of his own body.*                                   (67-a)
A king who desires to live long should gather around him
physicians cognizant of dhattts (vata, pitta and le$ma), take the
medicines such as svaraa-bhasma, prepared by them and eat
such food isr calculated to nourish the body. He should
get rid of the excess o wtta in his body by means of massage.
He should take the abhyangana and nourish all the limbs of the
body*; he should get rid of greyness and discolouration (of
the skin), having removed the defects (that cause them); lie
shotild endeavour to strengthen his teeth, develop all the parts
of the body according to their proportion j he should attempt
*I>0*bi mtendr* runs through & wholn *-